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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 28, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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isis continues to maintain a firm grasp in major parts of iraq and syria. but u.s. air strikes continue to destroy and degrade key isis strongholds as president obama continues to order the air strikes without congressional approval. so are these air strikes legal and right now senator rand paul sat down with greta and reveals his plan to combat isis. senator, nice to see you sir. >> good to be here. >> you are calling for a formal declaration of war against isis, why? >> family values are very clear that you don't go to war bought authority of congress. in fact, i think the most important responsibility we he have in serving in congress is to deliberate over going to war. i can't think of anything
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more important and the president is basically doing it on his own. now, this isn't the first thing the president has decided to go on his own o. this is pretty important. and so we have introduced a declaration of war which would give the constitutional approval to going to war. he should have done it five months ago. even now we are going to try to force him to live by the rules of congress. >> the constitution says that the congress has the authority to declare war. that's clear. >> yes. >> article 1, section 8. the president claims he has authority under two things, swan 2001 authorization passed after the 9/11 attacks that president bush used and 2002 authorization sought by president george bush for the iraq war. that he he is he is doing it lawfully under those two. >> both of those, i would say, would be absurd contentions. basically in 2001, we voted for authorization that said the people who attacked us on 9/11, that we would go after them. well, this group wasn't in existence then and this group isn't even allied with al qaeda. this group is with odds with al qaeda. i think it's absurd.
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i told john kerry that before he came before our committee. it's absurd to say a linkage to a war start 14 years ago started 9/11. i think we ought to do the right thing constitutionally and vote on it my declaration of war also limits this in the sense that i don't want ground troops back. i think the troops on the ground ought to be the people who live there. it also says within one year it expires so we would have to vote again. i don't want perpetual war and that's what we have had is last 15 years is war without end. the war would have to be renewed if we want to go beyond the year. >> is president obama acting unlawfully now if you say that those two provisions are ridiculous and they don't apply. >> absolutely. he has no statutory authority and no constitutional authority. the constitution, i i think, would allow and most people say for the repelling of an imattack. once an attack goes on for months and months and you are absolutely not defending anything, you are actually going out and offensively trying to either conquer territory or conquer an
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opponent, i don't think that's a defensive maneuver more is that temporary or imminent attack. that is something that ought to be contemplated by congress. >> what did secretary kerry say. >> he said, which i think is absurd. he said well, yeah, if 2001 doesn't do it, i have -- the president has article 2 authority to do whatever he wants. i disagree with that i think most constitutional scholars do. i think most people in the american public do not think the president has unlimited power to go to war. >> you can watch more of greta's interview with senator rand paul only at you remember greta brought you the tragic story of brendan tevlin a 19-year-old college student brutally murdered in suspected level terror attack. his grieving family parents spoke only to greta. they want their son's memory to be honored and cherished. >> it is heart warming as he has really, really touched so many lives. he has people are inspired
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by him. and i think that's a great way to be remembered. just live like him. he was truly an extraordinary -- an extraordinary kid. >> we are really just trying to keep brendan's memory out there. and really, just if anybody can, you know, get anything from it, just remember how good of a kid he was. and, you know, live brendan. >> he would happy to report tonight that a new jersey school has announced plans to rename their school after the slain teen. st. mary's academy will now be known as saint brendan's academy. and straight ahead, one of these four people is making crazy demands. lemon wedges, fancy schmancy pillows, specifically shaped cushions and various types of water while raking in $300,000 just to speak. which of these people is it? start guessing.
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black friday if you are looking for a deal you may get more than you bargained poor for. ghach dispatched obamacare pushers at malls and state across the country. their jobs, to sell you obama care. the administration is hoping that they hit their goal of 9 million by 2015, these sign-ups can help. will they make their goal? and what exactly happens if you encounter one of these pushers at your local mall in the "washington times" cheryl chummily joins us. okay, cheryl, can they sign you up right there on the spot with your soft pretzel and your bags from all the stores? >> hey, andrea, it's more an informational session. hhs is putting out feds into shopping malls aamerica specifically in 8 states right now. all westfield shopping malls. what they're doing is try to get the word out and get
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people enrolled and reenrolled before the september 15th deadline so their healthcare plans can start on january 15. it this is because initial signups are lower than ever thought. >> this is -- appears yet another gimmicky type of push from the white house to bring obamacare into the mainstream public. and, you know, if you look back through the years. we have had the twitter #s, we have had the white house hooking up it celebrities and singers. obama on leno. tweeting with katie per yment and now here we are taking obamacare to the shopping malls across america. it seems a last ditch desperate attempt to push obamacare. >> and on othe heals of all the gruber videos, i mean, they really must think that he we're stupid, right? he called the american people stupid, now they are trying to get people to sign up. cheryl, when you look at the cost of obamacare and you look at other things on people's christmas list, obamacare is pretty expensive. one of the reasons is
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because they made the penalty far less than the premiums. so people are seeing the skyrocketing cost and saying no thanks. >> and the price tag just keeps growing more and more as the weeks and months go by. the more information that's released about obamacare. we are just learning as americans how expensive this package really is as far as the marketing goes way back in 2009, then white house press secretary jay carney told the american public that there wasn't going to be any cost at all involved with the the marketing and promotional aspects of obamacare. promotion andound out that marketing was hitting the $700 million mark. we still don't know with what this latest hhs campaign is to. it's going to hit taxpayers in the pocketbook hard. >> i was reading that hhs working with groups that represent newlyweds. off times newlyweds are
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looking at it's cheaper to be single. more expensive to be married under obamacare. this bill when it was put together is really proving to be quite a mess. >> it's very much a mess. hhs, what you referenced about hooking up with just married people, they are also looking after people who are about to deliver babies. women about to give birth. they are also looking at couples about to buy homes and using xo group's web site to push more enrollment plans and÷)mñ more enrollment advice on americans. >> i love the term pusher. because that typically is reserved for drug pushers and you usually stay away from them so maybe you should stay away from these pushers at the mall too. cheryl, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, andrea. as we approach the holiday season. factories and small businesses still under siege by obama care. the crippling regulations and costs are choking numerous companies across the country, just like american company marlin
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steel. >> we are really disappointed with what's happening with the affordable care act. >> meet drew. owner and president of marlin steel. >> manufacture of baskets and cheap metal fabrications. we make everything in america in baltimore city maryland. >> they have been manufacturing steel products right here in america. today the healthcare law making it tough to do business for greenblatt and his 30 employees. >> our rates have gone up over 100% for the people over 30 years old. on average we have gone up over 54%. it's very disappointing because we want to grow more jobs and this makes it more expensive to hire more talent. >> four years after the passage of the affordable care act. marlin steel is now paying more for health insurance than ever before. a sad reality thaty÷> this manufacturer from expanding. >> it's going to go up from about 600 to 700 ts.
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>> skyrocketing premiums are only part of drew's problem. his other frustration. the lack of choice. >> >> we're forcedd3%ú to buy handful of health insurance company cans in the state of maryland. there is just no competition. when you have no competition, you have high prices. >> according to greenblatt, higher healthcare costs are bad news for the economy. >> people don't understand how devastating this is not laid off any workers because of skyrocketing healthcare costs. but owner drew greenblatt isn't ruling anything out. and coming up, is black friday turning into hack friday? our next guest says if you are a holiday shopper then you could be a target of cyber fraud. "on the record" investigates that next. plus, there is good news for former nfl player ray rice today. but it's not good news for
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black friday start with bang literally. cash in on stellar deals. it all comes with a price. >> it's called a black friday brawl. and it may be come to a store near you. from dos to coast. prices are dropping and fists are flying. as yet another holiday season gets kicked off on this year's black friday. >> seen here, shoppers in an all out brawl over a speaker system at a michigan city wal-mart fight over new samsung tv. police body slamming one shopper to the ground. it's not just in america. in the uk a fight breaking out over william's long ray so the weather outside might be frightful. but there is no stopping the black friday mayhem. >> that's crazy. will black friday turn into hack friday and just who is at risk for cyber fraud.
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our next guest says if you are a holiday shopper. you are a target. tech expert david kennedy joins us you say there is going to be a record number of hacks this season, right? >> that's right. right now the busiest season, buying all the goods weres for gifts for christmas and everything else. what has happened the demographics have changed. the hackers have moved here and planting themselves for years to get most amount of credit cards make the biggest bang for their bucks. saw it last year can target and neiman marcus. jimmy johns and home depot. we will see some of the biggest holiday ones happened around this holiday season time. >> who is most at risk? because i do a considerable amount of online shopping. i wonder why these storms that have v. access to the best technology still can't seem to secure the data of you and me and everyone else who is shopping with them. >> the world has moved to
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new technology smart card chips. only ones still in the entire world not using that. all the hackers are moved here and targeting retail chains out of date. neglected security. you have big heists happening because there is basically no security around what's happening at the point of sale system. when you are going in and swiping your credit card. all that information can be stolen by hackers and used fraudulently and sold in underground market for lots of money. >> what about apple pay? >> apple bay and google wallet are two of the alternatives for home shopper ifs you have a new iphone 6. i highly recommend apple pay. target and accepted apple pay. google the same way. use your phone to make transactions and payments. that's a lot safer than actually using the card itself. >> are there any stores that secure data better than others? any stores you should stay away from? >> interesting enough. targedh6ñ has spent a amount of money revamping security
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program. they are probably better off than they were last year. some of the ones to be cautious of are some of the retail stores haven't been hit yet. that's where hackers are going to focus their efforts. in right now the eyes are on target to make sure they don't get hacked again. you definitely want to be cautious and mind your credited to make sure you don't get hit. >> also recommend not using your debit card but using a credit card. this way they don't deplot you're savings, right? >> that's right. a credit card. usually the time to get your carted reimbursed and the credit card can take three five days to reimburse your credit card. when your funds are depleted in your actual bank account it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. that's a lot of time going without money. we highly recommend that you use your debit card instead of using your debit card as a credit card because of the time it takes to get back to your account. >> that's very scary stuff though. >> be careful. >> thanks. >> and coming up, you guessed it, hillary clinton demanding all these different things.
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lem lemon wedges and fancy pillows and more than 300 grand for a speech that she gives. what other demands is she making now "on the record" making now "on the record" the conference call.
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eventually they have to end. unless you have the comcast business voiceedge mobile app. it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. fancy cushions, hum must, some of the demands the "the washington post" reports former secretary of state hillary clinton demands for each of her $300,000 speeches. >> hello. >> hillary clinton has fans. >> it never felt so good as it did today to be in sunny california. >> a university, a great university like this one is on the front lines of preparing america's young people.
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>> and now the "the washington post" digging up documents, showing that secretary clinton was paid a whopping 300,000 for her appearance. and that's the special university rate. but that's not all. the documents also show that every detail of the event from chair color to pillow shapes even to the cups on the stage all of it closely managed by clinton staff. behind the scenes, the former first lady demanding humus and crude. >> lemon wedges, diet ginger rail and university. staff rejected the podium that ucla offered and the university was forced to scramble to find alternative that the clinton camp would approve of. all of that folks, for just one event. >> thank you all, god speed. [cheers and applause] >> thank you is right. joining us now our political panel, the "wall street journal" editorial board mary kissel.
11:50 pm
u.s. news and world reports david caton. i. >> mary staff says wait a minute this is the special university rate. that's my issue. it's not the lemons or the humus who cares about lemons and humus. >> hillary hasn't lived like a regular person since the 70s. bill was governor in the ace. i'm not surprised she was acting like this. it says more about the university than it says about her, andrea. who pays this kind of money? for what received wisdom exactly? and this comes at a time, particularly in california when they ever raising tuition rates 5% a year for the next five years. if i were a student or a taxpayer, i would be isn't that the issue that if you are going to criticize the clintons, i mean they are probably hoping you will focus on lemon wedges. when it comes to the
11:51 pm
clintons there are bigger issues to focus on o. when she spoke at unlv they went and jacked up tuition costs as mary points out that would get my blood boiling. >> i will defend hillary clinton. who doesn't like a little lemon wedges with their water. frankly the $300,000 that she is getting goes to the clinton foundation. it's not like it's going to sak's fifth avenue and using this for her own money. mostly going to good causes. frankly this is capitalism, a private citizen, i think she is going to run for president and announce in a couple of months. private citizen and beginning to cash. in a lot of these people are managed by talent agencies and, you know. hillary real little putting the requests for all the humus and rectangular pillows. she got a big protective core around her, defending her. this is just part of what people that aren't regular people are accustomed to.
11:52 pm
>> jillian i didn't see the big deal with the humus and pillow. she is trying to paint herself as the woman of the people. while she is a diva. i don't think this makes her a woman of the people $300,000. dead broke, in debt. trying to relate to you as a middle class person. i think that's ridiculous. i agree with you i don't have that much of an issue. she is an accomplished woman. maybe $300,000 is the going rate. what do i have a problem with is first off she is part of a political party ratcheting up class warfare. that's hypocritical to go around doing basically political profiteering. to make this off the backs of college students. average graduate is leaving with $20,000 debt. not getting to see the speech. number of free tickets available to students just to make up the money that she is costing the university. i think that's pretty bad. >> is she just hoping that nobody notices? because as jillian points out, we were dead broke. we had all these legal
11:53 pm
bills. the clintons are far from being dead broke. >> he they're far from being dead broke. they vacation in the hamptons in the summertime. for folks who don't live in new york that's a expensive place to vacation. this is a political difficult for her. she is going to run as a pop police where the money is too. environmentals, she will have to walk this line where she says you know what? i'm just like you. i feel your pain, just like bill used to say. at the same time, explain away fees and demands like this. >> david, she is not bill. bill was the guy who got the coffee at the mcdonald's and the egg mcmuffin. >> she is better than bill. she is making 300. >> she a terrible politician. she can't connect. >> the republicans have got to be very careful going after her because, frankly, jeb bush is out there. i went to his speaking office. he is not requiring as much. can you get him for $40,000 and up hesitate sis speaker
11:54 pm
page. what does he require? i'm sure there is something in there republicans got mad at democrats criticizing mitt romney for being wealthy and successful and rich. >> romney wasn't out there talking about spreading the wealth around and higher taxes. >> what she did in las vegas. she was out there at the university. students were saying hey, we don't want this. you know, waive the speaker fee. ended up not doing it and then on top of it, saying i'm talking about income inequality that's going to benefit you in the long run. some vanishes inside the bizarre mystery up next. m;iás
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you don't need to think that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil... and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here. get ready to speed read the news. first to ohio in the search for a missing ohio state football player. suddenly vanished wednesday morning. senior last pot spotted by girlfriend. getting a special recognition but hasn't been seen in days. in afghanistan, taliban fighters launching an attack near the diplomatic command center where many americans live. storming a guest house and shooting off automatic weapons and rockets. three gunmen are dead and one guard was injured one attacker even blew himself up.
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now ray rice news. winning his appeal against the nfl. running back overturn his indefinite suspension. rice was suspended earlier this year. after he was shown punching his now wife. and that's it tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." does the government want to replace subway trains with zip lines? how score morning commute could be going from pleasant to awful. plus, what is the -- what does the president think of greg gutfeld's plan to hold fully clothed house boy tryoutsouts ? >> why? that's not the right way to do it and everybody knows it. >> and finally, tank cats. could they be the future of warfare? we'll take you behind the scenes of the pentagon's newest top secret program. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> that makes me happy inside. and now, let's welcome our guests. well, she is as cool as a cucumber and retains just as much wate


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